Pricing and Payment

Young People’s Guitar Honors Program - September through June

Includes 32 weekly individual lessons (22 in-person/10 remote), ear training and musicianship program, guitar ensemble, two recitals, and community performance and other features.

60 minute lesson


80 minute lesson


Additional Fees

Registration Fee


Recital Fees (2 recitals per year)

$50.00  x2

Tuition is charged in September for the full academic year (September – June) at the time of registration. Newly enrolled students must pay the entire first semester charges in the fall and thereafter can move to an installment plan in the second semester. Returning students may arrange, if necessary, to make their payments in two installments without a surcharge, or up to six installments. All invoices are subject to a processing fee, which is returned in the form of credit or mobile payment at the completion of each semester for families paying by check or ACH (bank transfer).. Payment of the year’s charges must be completed by May 25th. If an installment payment is not received on time, a late payment fee of $10 will be charged. If multiple payments are late, instruction may be withheld until the installment is paid. If a payment check bounces, the check must be replaced and a charge of $50 will be applied towards reimbursement of the bank fee charged against my tuition checking account and extra bookkeeping. For new students beginning private study after the first week of September, tuition may be pro-rated according to the number of weeks left in the academic year. Tuition for private lessons is updated each academic year, and is listed on the website. Sliding scale tuition is available at the beginning of the academic year based on financial need. Please inquire about the qualifications to receive financial assistance.
Students register in the fall for a full year of instruction. If within the first three weeks of the academic year a family encounters an emergency which requires withdrawing the child from the program, tuition will be refunded on a prorated basis. After the third week of the fall semester, there will be no tuition refunds for the current semester.